Recommended Over-the-Counter Products

For Treating Skin Conditions

OTC Skin Remedies

While pharmaceutical drugs can help treat many skin conditions, in more mild cases, over-the-counter remedies can be very helpful in offering relief.  The following products are recommended over-the-counter (OTC) treatments to check out. You may gain value from them:

Puriya Cream for Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Dermatitis, Shingles & More

Puriya Provides instant. long-lasting relief for severely dry, cracked, itchy, or irritated skin. The product is used for relief of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, shingles, and other rashes. Referred to as the “mother of all creams,” Puriya is formulated to provide immediate, prolonged relief for extremely dehydrated, damaged, inflamed, sore skin. Puriya contains Amaranth Oil, which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

The cream is said to stimulate cell repair and regeneration. It also helps reduce skin irritation flareups. Puriya is a non-clogging cream that absorbs quickly and spreads smoothly into the skin, and it can be safely used on hands, feet, face and scalp. No harsh chemicals, fragrance-free, color-free. They even offer customer care agents to answer questions about their products. A worthwhile investment in your skin care. Definitely worth getting according to the reviews.

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Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

One of the best skin soothers is oatmeal, which can really help relieve a variety of skin conditions. Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream is loaded with oats and blended into a soothing, healing cream, which gives irritated skin a blast of moisture to help prevent dryness. It’s also gentle enough to use on children.

Product users give the Aveeno product very high reviews and have received nearly instant relief from using it. They also like the cream’s texture. It absorbs easily yet isn’t greasy, it stays on for a long time, and provides a protective barrier for the skin. It’s also very affordable. Definitely worth a try.

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Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy

Treating skin conditions in babies is a tremendous challenge.  They need special care every day, which can be daunting. Finding the right daily routine and the safest products with natural ingredients for your baby means a lot, especially when it comes to washing and comforting your child and preventing the recurrence of itchy, dry or irritated skin.

Developed with leading dermatologists, this breakthrough cream is clinically shown to help reduce the itching and irritation of eczema. Formulated with Colloidal Oatmeal, it soothes irritated skin and intensely moisturizes to help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function and help prevent recurrence of extra-dry skin. For use on body and face. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy is allergy tested, steroid free and fragrance free.  The product receive rave reviews and is very inexpensive. Highly recommended. A must-have product for babies suffering from eczema.

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Era Organics: Tea Tree Face Cream for Oily, Acne Prone Skin

Using medicinal tea tree oil for various conditions dates back centuries, and something that still works today. This Era Organics cream product for fighting acne helps remove blemishes, blackheads, cystic acne, redness and combination skin and is receiving excellent reviews. This particular cream is formulated to soothe, nourish and hydrate nearly all skin types without overly drying. The product is a gentle facial moisturizer and is great for nearly everyone interested in using it. Men, women, and teens alike can benefit from the cream.

Clean ingredients – St. John’s Wort, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Salicylic Acid, Zinc, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root & Goldenseal. Non-comedogenic, cruelty free and vegan friendly. To make sure people with sensitive skin can use it, it’s also paraben-free, non-toxic, no hormone or disruptors. Gentle, yet effective. A family owned company with products made in the U.S. They offer a money-back guarantee, so it’s worth the investment.

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Psoriasin Deep Moisturizing Ointment

A very popular product for treating Psoriasis is Psoriasin Ointment.  It has received favorable customer reviews and is quite popular among psoriasis sufferers. The ointment has a rich, thick consistency similar to honey, but without being sticky. Even though it goes on thick, it applies smoothly and blends or “melts” nicely into the skin fairly quickly upon application. It’s recommended you apply the ointment and let it set for a minute or two. Then give it an extra rub into the skin and it will blend in, just like a regular moisturizer.

Product users say it moisturizes so incredibly well that their Psoriasis patches do not look dry for hours on end, which is great if you have a special event to attend, or you want to generally look your best.  It’s also great for overnight use.

According to many psoriasis suffers, the product does live up to it’s claims. With a concentration of 2% coal tar, it helps control itch and redness, and when used regularly, the outbreak patches are noticeably reduced.  Definitely worth a try.  As with all medications, consult your doctor before using this (or any) skin condition products.

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Thena Healing Cream for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Shingles, & More

Thena Natural Wellness Healing Cream has become a popular product for many sufferers of various skin types and conditions. It is a natural antiseptic treatment for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, shingles, various rashes and flare-ups. Thena offers instant relief without any side effects. It’s thick and moisturizing, and product buyers say the cream is fast-acting soothing, deeply hydrating, and most importantly stops itching nearly instantly upon application.

The popular cream product rapidly penetrates skin to repair and protect both on the surface and deep below, so you get lasting results. It naturally rejuvenates, repairs and restores the skin barrier to bring it back to balance. The formula is comprised of powerful natural anti-inflammatory & anti-bacteria calming properties known for targeting itch, dryness, scaling, redness and cracked skin.

Thena Healing Cream is free of perfume, colorants, irritants, no animal testing, no mineral oil or petrolatum added. Thena Cream is non-comedogenic (non-clogging), hypoallergenic, light weight, and concentrated – a little goes a long way. Safe for children and adults of all skin types.

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Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme

Eucerin products have been around for a very long time.  Tried and tested, Eucerin Relief cream for eczema contains enriched with colloidal oatmeal (a skin protectant), ceramide-3, and licorice root extract, which helps with hydration and licochalcone, and controls oil production to soothe eczema symptoms. It’s been clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier and relieve irritated patches all over the body. In addition, it’s fragrance-free, steroid-free, and dye-free, which is a help for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. Great for controlling flare-ups.

The reviews are favorable and confirm the product is effective, even with minimal use. Many skin condition suffers have tried dozens of remedies to no avail.  Finding a product that works is critical. Eucerin Eczema Relief is concentrated so the bottle will last quite a while. A great addition to nearly any skin care regime. Safe enough for children and the price is very affordable.


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CeraVe Psoriasis Moisturizing Cream

CeraVe Psoriasis Moisturizing Cream is a popular product among psoriasis sufferers. It was designed with actual dermatologists to help relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and moisturize dry skin while relieving scaling and itching. CeraVe contains salicylic acid, which helps relieve psoriasis symptoms. It also contains lactic acid for mild exfoliation, three essential ceramides to promote optimal skin-barrier function, moisturizing shea butter and urea, plus niacinamide, which aids in soothing affected skin.

The psoriasis moisturizer features patented “MVE Technology,” which continually releases nourishing ingredients for 24 hours to help provide smoother skin. The product reviews for CeraVe are excellent and the price is affordable. Definitely worth checking out.

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Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

Another age-old product is Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. Its specifically formulated to soothe dry skin. Once applied, the skin feels soft and smooth. It’s non-greasy, non–irritating and non–comedogenic (won’t clog pores). Lightweight hydration to soothe sensitive and normal skin. Fast-acting and long-lasting, which is helpful for comfort.  The product is a light-weight formula helps nourish skin. Cetaphil is proven to bind water to skin and help prevent moisture loss. Great product at a great price.

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Neosporin Eczema Essentials Moisturizing Cream

Neosporin Eczema is a well-like product, which has received the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association.  It has been clinically proven to relieve immediate eczema itching. After a few days of using the Neosporin product, it will begin to restore visibly healthier skin. The cream is a unique “Relipid” formula, which contains a lipid, humectant, emollient and botanical blend to help retain moisture essential for healthy looking skin.  It’s antibiotic-free and steroid-free, and should be on the face daily to help restore skin balance.

The reviews on this product are excellent. Many of customers refer to Neosporin Eczema Essentials as a “miracle product” and are very happy with the results. Highly recommended by dermatologists.  The cream has proven to be even more effective than prescription treatments for some sufferers.  Definitely worth purchasing this product.


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