The benefits of argan oil are plentiful to say the least. If you are unfamiliar with this powerful healing elixir, organ oil is produced from organ tree kernels predominantly located in Morocco. The oil is used for everything from food to skin care, and and the tree is a priceless environmental treasure. The argan trees are slow-growing trees, are so revered that in 1998 the argan forest was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Organ oil contains valuable omega fatty acids, vitamin E, cartons, squalene, and other valuable properties. Depending on the oil extraction, argan oil can be even more hardy than olive oil.

In a culinary capacity, the oil is used for dipping breads or added to couscous, salads, vegetables and other dishes.

From a medicinal perspective, argan oil is invaluable, and is used for skin conditions, anti-inflammatory treatments, and is great for building the immune system. It’s used regularly in cosmetics and is used to treat skin infections, bug bites, and skin rashes. It’s also used as a natural moisturizer for skin and hair. Argan oil makes for a great skin toner and exfoliant, and has been widely used in treating acne, razor burn, and even wrinkles. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner – just a few drops goes a long way.

For those people who suffer from skin conditions, argan oil is great for treating dry skin, nail beds, and it’s great for treating cracked dry feet.

Keep in mind, the oil is from a tree nut, so if you suffer from allergies, be sure to test the oil before use, or contact your health care professional for assistance.

So if you don’t have it already, pick up a bottle of Argan oil and begin to enjoy the benefits it provides.

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